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Results Guarantee


All services rendered by Joshua E. Hamlett and Hamlett Computer Services are guaranteed to resolve your problem within reasonable limitations.

1.      Refund:

Hamlett Computer Services does not charge for services that are not completed. If for any reason you do not believe that services rendered have had satisfactory result, please notify the technician to receive a full refund or get the problem fixed again for free.

2.     Limitations:

        a.     Diagnosis: This guarantee does not apply to services requested by the customer that are not the result of a diagnosis and recommendation by the technician. Those services are simply guaranteed to produce reasonable results based on the judgment of the technician.

        b.     Inherent Limitations: All repairs, upgrades and tune ups are limited by the fact that hardware and software have inherent limitations that no amount of adjusting can affect. If a complimentary remedy repair turns out to require more parts than the customer was originally charged for, the customer is responsible for paying for those parts and the installation.

        c.     Secondary results: Joshua E. Hamlett and Hamlett Computer Services is not responsible for any inability of a computer to perform a specific function. Nor will he be held liable for the unavailability of a unit for production resulting in loss of productivity or any other business or personal losses.​

        d.     Timeliness: Guarantee claims must be made within 48 hours of the completion of service and electronic delivery of the invoice. If the repair involved a hardware replacement, a claim can be made any time within the length of the 90 warranty.

​Limited Hardware Warranty


All refurbished hardware and accessories sold by Joshua E. Hamlett and Hamlett Computer Services come with a 90 day limited hardware warranty. Within this time period, if a functional defect shall be discovered, it will be repaired and or replaced at the guarantor's option.

1.      Scope

This limited hardware warranty covers all computer hardware and accessories sold with the computer, including and limited to power cords and adapters, external keyboards and mice for desktop computers, and external displays for desktop computers. This warranty however does not include any battery sold with the computer. A battery that has failed must be replaced by the customer at his or her own expense. This warranty also does not cover any cosmetic defects not essential to the operation of the computer.

2.      Term

The term of this warranty is 90 days from the time of purchase. The warranty end date will be noted on the customer's receipt and/or invoice.

3.      Exceptions

Joshua E. Hamlett is only liable for repair or replacement of PCs that have failed due to defective components. Any damage caused by other than normal use as determined by the guarantor is not covered. Also, any damage caused by external forces, including but not limited to fire and natural disaster are not covered.

4.      Repair/Replacement

Due to the nature of the guarantor's business, warranty only guarantees repair in a timely manner and or replacement with a substantially similar computer.

5.      Arbitration

The final authority on the meaning of the terms of this warranty is the guarantor. All disputes arising from the terms of this warranty are to be settled through mediation. In no case shall this warranty be used as grounds for a case in civil or criminal court.