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​​​​Hourly Onsite Service Fees 

Hamlett Computer Services provides onsite service. The only fair way to price this is with an hourly rate. This rate is prorated after the first hour in quarter hour increments (e.g. one hour and twenty six minutes is billed as 1.5 hours, but half an hour is billed as one hour.

​Standard Hourly Rate​
​$50 per hour
​Hourly Rate Mac Repair
​$60 per hour
​Discounted Rate
25% off hourly


There is also an onsite service fee billed once per visit. This is waived for customers with service contracts.

Onsite Service (Travel) Fee​
15 M​​ile Radius of GPS coordinates 41.794341, -87.584387
15.01 to ​25 Mile Radius​$30
25.01 to 45 Mile Radius​$40


Flat Rate Service Fees

Computers and devices that are dropped off or picked up for repair may be eligible for certain flat rate fees:

​ ​Flat rate off-site service:

​Advanced Tune-up$15​
​Virus Removal$80​
​Windows Installation​​ basic
​​Windows installation with Data Migration
​Data Recovery-500GB$100​
​Data Recovery-1TB​$200
Data Recovery->1TB$300​